How is DEVTALENTS different?

No-HR company

We're a tech-focused company, and we don't like intermediaries. Our entire recruitment process is handled by engineers.

By engineers, for engineers

DEVTALENTS was created as a safe haven for technology experts. We work hard to adjust the company's culture and processes to best match the needs and preferences of our engineers.

Flexible salary payments

We know that timing matters. Our team members have the option of accessing their monthly salary at any time, through one of our partners.

High seniority team

DEVTALENTS delivers technological excellence. As such, our team consists mainly of senior-level software engineers


We've been working remotely since 2010. Thanks to our long experience with this form of work, we know how to build a comfortable and friendly work environment that's fully online.

Life partner benefits

Your life outside of work matters to us. To make sure your close ones are taken care of, we offer benefits for our team members' life partners.



Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Build highly effective and well-performing web apps in no time at all. Join the DEVTALENTS RoR team to support a diverse group of international clients.

Senior iOS Developer

Create smooth, high performing and aesthetically pleasing native iOS apps for ambitious clients. At DEVTALENTS, we have a long history of building applications for Apple devices.

Senior Android Developer

Join DEVTALENTS to work with the most relevant Android technologies, including Kotlin, and support ambitious, international clients.

Senior Flutter Developer

Develop exciting cross-platform apps with an ambitious, innovative team. Join DEVTALENTS and find out why we’re particularly proud of our Flutter projects.

Senior Java Developer

Build effective software solutions with the Java programming language. Join DEVTALENTS to design and create business applications that will delight clients.

Senior Node.JS Developer

Work on implementing and maintaining network applications while keeping an eye on data. Join DEVTALENTS to have the support of an experienced, welcoming team.

Senior React Developer

Join DevTalents as a Senior React Developer and contribute to the development of truly amazing solutions for businesses all over the world.

Senior Python Developer

Build web apps or highly complex machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. Join DEVTALENTS to work on exciting projects.

Senior .NET Developer

Build amazing software solutions using Microsoft’s .NET technologies. Join DEVTALENTS and help us support businesses all over the world.

Our process

CV review

We check all CVs, focusing on technical skills and experience.

ca. 25

Phone screening

We make sure the job offer will meet your expectations, and that you will feel at home at DEVTALENTS.


Recruitment task

We ask for a short demonstration of your skills. This step may not apply to all positions.

ca. 1h

Online interview

During this final stage of recruitment, we talk over all the details and answer candidates' questions. We'll be especially interested in your passions and desired career path.

Congrats! You’re a #DEVTALENT!

Welcome to the team! You'll receive all the necessary information to complete your onboarding. Also, keep a look out for a little surprise in the post.

What our team members are saying

Working at DEVTALENTS gives me flexibility and freedom. I know that I can focus on what’s important in my life at the moment and the DEVTALENTS team will have my back. We’re transparent with each other, always happy to help, and we respect each other’s time. We also have online collaboration down to an art, which creates amazing learning opportunities and breeds creativity. It’s a perfect mix of a comfortable environment and challenging work.
Łukasz Borkowski

Łukasz Borkowski

Flutter Developer

DEVTALENTS is a company that takes real steps to be friendly for people with families and responsibilities outside of work. Flexible hours help a lot - in my case, because most of my tasks are independent of others’ input, I can complete them whenever it’s most convenient for me. It’s a level of freedom I and my loved ones really appreciate.
Weronika Chmielewska

Weronika Chmielewska

Board Assistant

The #DREAMTEAMING manifesto

Deliver results and defend your choices.
Resolve issues proactively.
Educate the people around you.
Analyze your work & be transparent.
Match the needs of the business & team,
not your ambition.


Team spirit - build and nurture relations, offer support, engage & motivate.


We do our best to keep our recruitment process simple and efficient. We don’t want you to wait long. That’s why the process includes only four steps.
1. CV review - after you send in your application, we’ll need up to a few days to get to it. Don’t worry! We check every CV that’s sent to us.
2. Phone screening - we’ll set up a short (about 25 minutes) phone interview to cover the basics: whether DEVTALENTS and the project you applied for meet your expectations. This stage is all about what we can do for you, not the other way around.
3. Recruitment task - for most positions, we’ll ask you to complete a standard recruitment task to check your practical skills. It won’t be anything crazy. We’re interested in making sure you have a solid understanding of your field’s basics. We don’t want to catch you off guard with some obscure tidbit, and we won’t make you sacrifice a lot of your time. Most of our tasks can be completed very quickly, within 3-4 hours tops.
4. Online interview - finally, once we’ve confirmed that we can help you grow and vice versa, we’ll want to discuss the details, cover some formalities and answer any questions you might have. We also want to know all about your ideal career path and passions, to set the stage for helping you accomplish your goals.

As a dispersed team, we deal with all formal and practical aspects of onboarding fully remotely. You’ll receive a welcome pack, paperwork, and instructions on how to set up all necessary team member accounts. You can work using your own hardware or let us know you’d like company equipment - your choice.

We value self-reliance and proactivity, so by default you’ll have to go through the steps of onboarding on your own. However, we will also assign a temporary mentor for you, responsible for helping you hit the ground running at DEVTALENTS.

Of course! There’s no limit to how many times you can apply to work at DEVTALENTS.

Yes! It’s the default option for the DEVTALENTS team.

Building a sense of community at DEVTALENTS is very important for us. That’s why we hold regular Town Hall Meetings with AMA sessions, chat, share memes, and play board games together. We organize team building events at least once a year, and encourage local DEVTALENTS meetups.

For the most part, yes. As long as your tasks are completed on time, we don’t mind when or where you work. But if the client requires your presence during meetings, or needs to be able to reach you within a certain amount of time, we expect you to adjust to their expectations, within reason.