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Empowering digital transformation in the financial industry

Financial services and products require top security, reliability and performance to keep up with the demands of today’s market and the various regulations restricting providers in the finance sector. Modern technologies can be leveraged to ensure secure transactions, fast and accurate calculations, as well as open up new opportunities through innovation and disruption.
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Our website was built in a problematic CMS that was a nightmare to edit and absorbed too much time from our devs. We needed a completely new version that could be handed over to our marketing department. The new website had to be easy to manage, multilingual, safe, and SEO-friendly, and provide better product exposure that would result in collecting more leads and increasing sales volume.

Marketing Communications Specialist at Straal

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  • eSignature

    An electronic signature (or eSignature) is a technological solution that allows individuals and businesses to handle formalities fully remotely without sacrificing security. It’s fast, cost-effective and highly efficient. eSignatures work well for most electronic documents, including contracts. They are a great addition to a company’s document automation system.

  • Document automation systems

    Document automation is a crucial trend for many industries, particularly those that need to keep precise records. It can make the work of professionals in the finance sector faster, safer, more efficient, and better suited for delighting increasingly demanding customers.

  • Subscription-based financial services

    As the industry experiences disruption through business model innovation, providing financial services through subscription is becoming more competitive. This model is particularly effective for handling lightning quick, guaranteed loans.

  • Cybersecurity

    With growing concerns regarding cyberattacks and other cyber threats, especially with so many crucial business tasks having moved into online spaces, deep knowledge of cybersecurity is key for any company in the finance sector. Savvy businesses able to offer tools to overcome the dangers of phishing and fraud can distinguish themselves among the competition. On top of that, the ability to protect sensitive information about customers is crucial.

  • Mobile banking

    According to Forbes, 66% of the 1.7 billion unbanked citizens around the world own mobile phones. This is a huge untapped market. On top of that, global smartphone ownership has passed 6.5 billion. Mobile devices should be a major target on any bank’s or other financial provider’s radar.

  • Mobile transactions

    In both the online and offline worlds, more and more transactions are completed either entirely via phones, or with phones involved in the process. Mobile payment services are simply more convenient than carrying a collection of cards in one’s wallet. This shift towards a more digital and connected society opens up incredible opportunities for the financial sector.

  • Banking in the cloud

    The Covid pandemic was a huge accelerating factor in the migration of banks and other financial services to the cloud. It’s an expected move: cloud banking is scalable, secure and resilient. The technology is perfect for trying out new services based on emerging technologies, which can be a low-risk way to expand your offer ahead of the competition. And on top of all that, cloud services can give companies a boost in meeting their environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments.

  • Blockchain

    In simple terms, a blockchain is a database that is distributed rather than centralized, encrypted, and governed by consensus (data can be changed only if everyone in the blockchain agrees to it). As a result, solutions based on the blockchain technology can prevent fraud, help streamline banking infrastructure, ensure transparency, speed up core processes, and increase security of operations.

They acted as a research team and aligned well with our project management principles and tools. They’re the most proactive provider we’ve engaged with for this work. We invited them to meet with our client, and they proved their worth, providing valuable insights and technical expertise.

Laura Matwiejczyk

Research Projects Coordinator at OMD

Throughout the partnership, DEVTALENTS accommodated the time difference bewteen us and provided valuable advice. The team’s strengths included a dedicated and cooperative attitude. Their valuable guidance, dedication, and cooperative approach made us satisfied with our choice to hire them. They were invested in our vision and understood our team’s limitations; DEVTALENTS were also disciplined, delivering everything on time and within budget. The quality of their work was excellent.

Head of Growth at File Sharing Solution

After the website's creation, our marketing team was able to manage our content without seeking the help of developers, who could now focus on their more important tasks. Throughout the project, DEVTALENTS were communicative and showcased their expertise in web development.

Marketing Communications Specialist at Straal

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