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Empowering digital transformation in the healthcare sector

Healthcare providers handle a lot of data every day. It’s not the core of their operations, but it cannot be neglected - which makes it a perfect area to digitize and automate. Technological solutions can help organizations in the healthcare sector reduce costs, save time, and improve the quality of their services.
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DEVTALENTS successfully contributed conceptually to the product’s structure and delivered a valuable marketing asset. They proved to be a trustworthy and talented partner. They were involved at each stage of the project: generating ideas, designing interfaces, project management, and the final development.

Izabela Bieganska

IT Project Manager at Software Development Firm

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Commercial experience in the healthcare sector - we understand your needs

  • Document automation systems

    Any organization that handles a lot of documentation can benefit from deploying automation tools. In particular, automated data processing - scanning documents, reading their contents, and transferring that information as needed, e.g. to fill out patient information - can be a huge help in speeding up work and channeling employee focus towards more important tasks.

  • Digital interfaces

    With online solutions growing in popularity, patients no longer need to handle every issue in person. Instead, they can make appointments online, buy medication based on digital prescriptions, and so on. With all this going on, various digital interfaces, documents and forms must be safe, effective and usable. Usually this means easy to understand and fill out without in-person assistance. Though seemingly a simple requirement, it requires much consideration to create effective online experiences that will be intuitive for any user.

  • Telemedicine

    Technology can assist healthcare professionals in reaching patients regardless of distance. Sometimes, a video appointment is enough to check on a patient and prepare a digital prescription. In areas with a low population density, it’s unrealistic to expect people to travel far for low priority check ups. Additionally, long-distance assistance during a surgery has been made possible with reliable video call technology. Remote healthcare likely saved many people during the Covid pandemic, proving its worth in the most difficult of circumstances.

  • Cybersecurity

    The ability to protect sensitive medical information is crucial. With various regulations geared towards managing the risk of data leaks, the healthcare sector has to navigate a number of restrictions. Cutting edge data protection may be a must for many care providers.

  • Extended reality

    What if clinical training and medical procedures could be completed with technological assistance? Extended reality (XR), which includes virtual, augmented and mixed reality as an umbrella term, can have a huge real-world impact. By overlaying a user's field of vision with virtual elements, solutions based on XR could allow surgeons in training to learn without putting patients at risk. On the patients’ side, VR headsets are very promising in treating children with autism and in cognitive behavioral therapy.

  • Personalized medicine

    Traditional medicine is designed for optimization. For example, medicine doses are adjusted to ensure that the highest number of patients will have the fewest adverse side effects. But with technologies like AI, it’s possible to achieve a more personalized approach. Technological solutions can be used to determine the right dosage of medicine, or monitor conditions like diabetes based on patient-specific factors.

Flexible and accommodating, the team shifted their work to match fluctuating requirements. DEVTALENTS' patience and positivity made for an enjoyable partnership. They were flexible, and their team always reacted positively to changes.

Hubert Traczyk

CEO at Heartgrenade

Throughout the partnership, DEVTALENTS accommodated the time difference bewteen us and provided valuable advice. The team’s strengths included a dedicated and cooperative attitude. Their valuable guidance, dedication, and cooperative approach made us satisfied with our choice to hire them. They were invested in our vision and understood our team’s limitations; DEVTALENTS were also disciplined, delivering everything on time and within budget. The quality of their work was excellent.

Head of Growth at File Sharing Solution

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