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I’m very happy with the work DEVTALENTS provided. They have met the deadline and a lot of ad-hoc requests have been all taken care of swiftly. We’ve never had an issue and they’re incredibly flexible whenever we need to move a meeting or push something back.

Jarosław Ziembiński

Project Manager at Ideamotive


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DEVTALENTS are determined to help our partners expand and grow when opportunities arise, which means that we provide a selection of available software engineers withing two working days from first contact.

Efficient hiring process

We pride ourselves on our smooth, streamlined processes. We take our clients through the steps of choosing the right developers for the job and completing onboarding.

Vetted experts

Every individual in the DEVTALENTS talent pool has been thoroughly vetted. Our team members are true experts in their fields, with extensive commercial experience and a passion for teamwork.

Trusted by enterprises, scale-ups and startups across continents

On average, engaging one of our frontend developers for 1 month requires a budget of $7.5-15k

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At DEVTALENTS, we understand the business needs of our clients and plan our work to meet them in the most effective way - starting with the estimation.

We know what we do and how much time we need. Our estimations have over 90% accuracy.

React reduces development costs with reusable components

One of the major advantages of using React for frontend development is how fast and cost-effective it is. Thanks to reusable components, developers don’t need to write each new feature from scratch. Instead, elements of the application can be plugged in where needed, both on the server side and client side.
  • React’s reusable components don’t limit customizability. While these chunks of code can be replicated, changes made to a single one will not affect other components of its type, which limits the risk of errors.
  • Web apps can be built incredibly quickly with React, as the library comes with a number of handy developer tools, such as its browser extension.
  • JSX, a syntax extension compatible with React, simplifies scripting and makes it easy to render subcomponents. On top of that, the React Create Tool promotes writing simple and clean code, improving overall code quality and readability.

Building fast loading apps with React

When working with React, your team can use JavaScript to generate HTML code. This results in the virtual DOM - an ideal representation of a UI kept in memory. Through tree reconciliation, React uses the virtual DOM to virtually render an HTML tree. The loading speed improvement comes from the fact that, whenever a state changes, a new HTML tree is rendered, but React only writes the difference between the current and previous tree.
  • React optimizes loading speed by rendering only what’s necessary: changes to a state rather than the entirety of it. This is particularly effective for high load applications.
  • UX gets a boost as users don’t need to wait for content and experience React apps as highly interactive.
  • An additional benefit of faster page load times is a reduced bounce rate, which further translates into improved SEO.

The high stability of one-way data binding in React

Two-way data binding means that UI libraries take in the changes to the data model and make appropriate updates to the corresponding DOM. React rejects this complex process and instead uses a one-way data flow, in which changes in child components do not affect parent components.
  • Writing something in an input field does not change that input field’s state - it only updates the data model. The code changes less, which results in its stability.
  • Debugging self-contained components is a relatively easy task, which means that React apps have extra protection from errors.
  • One-way data binding also delivers a helpful boost to performance.

Why companies from all around the world rely on DEVTALENTS when building their teams?

Thanks to the efforts of the DEVTALENTS team, our website now has a better user experience, higher conversions for landing pages, and overall better SEO. We appreciate the team's quick and effective communication as it led to many improvements from their end.

Firuza Rakhimova

Marketing Manager at Nabo

Throughout different projects, we've worked with 12 developers so far. DEVTALENTS engineers are as integral to my team as my engineers in the office. I liked the fact that when you give them a task, they'll come back to you with questions for clarification and with examples and suggestions of how to do it better. That is truly professional. They don't just take what you've given them; they take ownership. They bring attention to detail and a high level of knowledge to the task.

Scrum Master & Agile Coach at Custom Development Group

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How to ensure perfect fit when hiring React developers

React offers businesses the opportunity to build highly performant, reliable and maintainable apps quickly. To take full advantage of this technology, your React developers needs to have experience with the components-based approach and one-way data binding, as well as a number of other key skills.

Top React developer skills

To make sure that your team members’ work quality will meet and exceed your expectations, providers like DEVTALENTS vet each developer in their talent pool to ensure the following:

  1. Ability to write clean, readable, easy-to-maintain React code,
  2. Skill at creating apps by using (and reusing) components,
  3. Good grasp of the way one-way data binding affects app architecture,
  4. Experience in cooperating with QA experts to prepare and run tests, find bux, and introduce fixes,
  5. Good understanding of the React development life cycle, including the ability to estimate correctly and time management skills,
  6. Excellent practical skills in app design using both tried and true solutions and newest trends,
  7. Creativity in problem solving, as out-of-the-box thinking can be the key to improved efficiency and lower development costs.

Get access to top React development talent in 48 hours

If you’re ready to get started with a new React project, or augment an existing team with additional experts, let us know. DEVTALENTS provide clients with a selection of developer profiles to choose from within two business days. We’re also more than happy to advise you on how to proceed based on your needs.

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