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We didn’t have any expertise in app development but had a background in IT development, an idea, concept, requirements and a budget. We needed a team who would take care of the whole process of web and mobile development according to our concept and requirements. DEVTALENTS filled in the blanks.

Emma Bulfin

Co-Founder at Fareloom


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Available in 48 hours

DEVTALENTS are determined to help our partners expand and grow when opportunities arise, which means that we provide a selection of available software engineers withing two working days from first contact.

Efficient hiring process

We pride ourselves on our smooth, streamlined processes. We take our clients through the steps of choosing the right developers for the job and completing onboarding.

Vetted experts

Every individual in the DEVTALENTS talent pool has been thoroughly vetted. Our team members are true experts in their fields, with extensive commercial experience and a passion for teamwork.

Trusted by enterprises, scale-ups and startups across continents

On average, engaging one of our frontend developers for 1 month requires a budget of $7.5-15k

How is it going to be in your case? Let’s find out together.
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At DEVTALENTS, we understand the business needs of our clients and plan our work to meet them in the most effective way - starting with the estimation.

We know what we do and how much time we need. Our estimations have over 90% accuracy.

A modern cross-platform technology

Cross-platform apps share their codebase between the different platforms they operate on. Flutter is unique, because it doesn’t require platform-specific components to render UIs. Instead, the UI adapts to fit seamlessly on any desired platform.
  • Building a cross-platform app means that a lot of code gets reused. Flutter brings the additional benefit of reusing UI and business logic on all platforms, making development incredibly cost effective.
  • Aside from reducing initial development costs and time, managing a single codebase for several platforms makes updates and scaling less of a hassle.
  • Because Flutter development is so quick, time-to-market can be greatly reduced, allowing businesses to begin gaining traction quickly.

Native-like performance without extra work

Good UX is crucial for business growth. Achieving top user experience with Flutter is easy, as the technology offers near-native performance by building apps directly into machine code. It also supports deep customization.
  • Flutter apps are far from samey. Anything that appears on the user’s screen can be customized relatively easily, achieving results quickly and without accruing extra costs.
  • The Flutter development kit supports beautiful animated UIs and high complexity. By using Skia for rendering, Flutter achieves top customizability without sacrificing development time.
  • Flutter opens up deep device capabilities, such as GPS or Bluetooth communication. This means that your cross-platform app will take full advantage of your users’ hardware.

Using the Dart programming language to achieve incredible results

Flutter is an open-source cross-platform development kit that uses the Dart programming language, developed by Google. Dart can be run directly on a server, or converted to JavaScript for browsers.
  • Dart allows the same scripts to work natively on iOS and Android. Through shareable testing, it speeds up development and enables allocating development team focus to core tasks.
  • Thanks to Dart’s static typing, errors are easier to locate and managing complex applications becomes less of a headache.
  • Through null safety features, Dart reduces the risk of an app crashing due to network fluctuations or missing data by ensuring these issues will be found and addressed early.

Why companies from all around the world rely on DEVTALENTS when building their teams?

The DEVTALENTS team created an innovative and professional app in a quick three-month timeframe. Their efforts helped build and maintain a group of 30,000 users. From a project management standpoint, they communicated well, solved problems, and were always adaptable.

Dominik Tomasik

Co-Founder at Race Hunt

They helped narrow down the focus and committed themselves to a timeline that they delivered. We used other service providers in the past that were not able to provide this. For us, that’s what distinguishes DEVTALENTS. Also, we appreciate the fact that their engineers have past experiences working for other white label and marketplace mobile apps.

Rouven Woszidlo

Co-Founder & COO at iine Card Japan

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How to hire the best Flutter developers

Flutter is currently the most popular cross-platform framework. It is most often used to build apps for the iOS and Android platforms, but it can be configured to support web and desktop apps, as well. If you want to build a Flutter app, however, you need a highly skilled team with commercial experience, to make sure that they’ll deliver top code quality and business value.

Key factors that make Flutter development the right choice

Flutter is a highly efficient solution that enables fast development, improves performance and limits the need for testing, among other benefits. To take full advantage of this technology, your developers need to understand it and know how to make the most of it.

High-speed coding

Flutter has built-in Hot Reload, which injects updated source code into the running Dart Virtual Machine. The Flutter framework then automatically rebuilds the widget tree, allowing the developer to almost immediately view the effects of his or her code. This results in quicker debugging, easier communication between developers and designers, and more experimentation, which can lead to some truly incredible outcomes.

Shared codebase

Apps built with Flutter have one shared codebase used by all platforms (mainly iOS and Android). This means an app that will be available on both the Play Store and App Store needs to be written only once, with a few tweaks. Additionally, you only need one development team to cover all of your target groups. However, because Flutter does not necessarily appear native on both iOS and Android, and because each store has different requirements, it’s important that your developers know what they need to do to provide excellent UX for both groups of users.

Less time spent on testing

Thanks to the Flutter SDK allowing one developer to build an app for both the iOS and Android platforms, testing also doesn’t need to be written separately for each. The work of QA experts will also be simpler and less time consuming. However, because the iOS and Android environments are different, it’s crucial for your developers to use their experience and create solutions that not only work as intended, but delight users.

Top performance regardless of device

Flutter apps are not likely to have problems with lagging, cutting or hanging. They work smoothly and offer great performance. Additionally, they run seamlessly on older devices, through backwards compatibility with their older operating systems.

Top Flutter developer skills

To make sure that your team members’ work quality will meet and exceed your expectations, providers like DEVTALENTS vet each developer in their talent pool to ensure the following:

  1. Ability to write clean, readable, easy-to-maintain Flutter code,
  2. Experience in cooperating with QA experts to prepare and run tests, find bux, and introduce fixes,
  3. Good understanding of the development life cycle for Flutter apps, including the ability to estimate correctly and time management skills,
  4. Excellent practical skills in cross-platform app design using both tried and true solutions and newest trends,
  5. Creativity in problem solving, as out-of-the-box thinking can be the key to improved efficiency and lower development costs.

Get access to top Flutter development talent in 48 hours

If you’re ready to get started with a new Flutter project, or augment an existing team with additional experts, let us know. DEVTALENTS provide clients with a selection of developer profiles to choose from within two business days. We’re also more than happy to advise you on how to proceed based on your needs.

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