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Empowering digital transformation in the legal industry

Law firms often handle many repetitive, manual tasks, that can be handled with much more speed through the use of digital tools. At the same time, it's crucial to maintain a high level of data security and ensure compliance. DEVTALENTS highly experinced team knows how to achieve balance between safety and innovation in the legal industry.
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We were happy to cooperate with DEVTALENTS. Their expertise and reliability of their services allows us to recommend them as a professional partner in the field of programming support.

Paweł Janda

CFO at Mobitouch

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Commercial experience in the legal industry - we understand your needs

  • eSignature

    An electronic signature (or eSignature) is what it sounds like - technology empowering individuals and businesses to handle formalities fully remotely without sacrificing security. It’s fast, cost-effective and highly efficient. eSignatures work well for most legal forms and electronic documents, including contracts. They are a great addition to a company’s document automation system.

  • Document automation systems

    Document automation might be the most important trend in the legal industry right now. It can make the work of legal professionals faster, safer, more efficient, and better suited for delighting increasingly demanding clients.

  • Digital interfaces

    With online solutions growing in popularity, it’s crucial to ensure that digital legal documents and forms are as safe, effective and usable as advertised. For example, online unemployment applications must be easy to understand and fill out without in-person assistance. This requires much consideration when creating such online experiences, regarding crucial aspects like data ownership, open source technology, and usability.

  • Performance tracking

    In today’s world, data is money. With powerful integrated analytics, it can be easy to gather information on how profitable each individual task is for a legal department or law firm. Based on these reports, decision makers will be able to identify new opportunities, limit risk, and increase profit.

  • Subscription-based legal services

    As the industry experiences disruption through business model innovation, providing legal services through subscription may become more competitive than hourly billing.

  • Videoconferencing

    The ability to communicate effectively is key for legal professionals. Even as the covid crisis subsides, not all clients are able or willing to participate in meeting in person. That’s why any legal team should be aiming to streamline their video call scheduling and to make a good, professional impression during videoconferences.

  • Cybersecurity

    With concern about cyberattacks growing, especially after many crucial business tasks moved into online spaces, deep knowledge of cybersecurity is key. A company in the legal industry able to offer tools to overcome cyber threats can distinguish itself among the competition. On top of that, the ability to protect sensitive information about clients is crucial.

  • Data storage in the cloud

    The implementation of data storage solutions is becoming widespread across the legal industry. Its benefits include ease of communication and collaboration, accessibility, and automation. Importantly, security measures need to be taken to protect the stored data.

  • Virtual legal assistants

    Various types of intelligent bots are taking the world by storm, and the legal sector is no exception. Virtual assistants use artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to answer questions, address claims, and vastly increase law firms’ operational capacity.

  • Smart contracts

    Blockchain is a growing technology that enables secure digital authentication and confirmation of transactions, such as the signing of a contract. The result is a self-executing agreement within a distributed, decentralized network.

We were happy to cooperate with DEVTALENTS. Their expertise and reliability of their services allows us to recommend them as a professional partner in the field of programming support.

Paweł Janda

CFO at Mobitouch

We hired them because they could deliver the site within budget and in a matter of weeks. The team completed the project with enthusiasm and made us confident in the results. Throughout the engagement, they communicated clearly and demonstrated a high level of discipline.

Marcin Pilch

Founding Partner at Aviso Law Office

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