Finding the best talent for a project can be a long and expensive process. By working with DEVTALENTS, clients gain access to top industry experts in very little time, lower the costs and risks of building a team, and get to enjoy the benefits of a flexible, hassle-free process.
Time to find top talent24h2-4 months1-2 weeks
Recruitment costs$0$20k +$0
Guarantee of quality
Risk of failureVery lowHighLow
Established vetting process
Termination costsNoneHighOften high
Talent qualityBest experts from around the worldLimited access to top talentUsually localized talent
OnboardingFast and smooth processPotential to delaysSometimes complicated
Additional benefitsTop industry practices and know-howFull project delivery
Employee of record

What our clients are saying

Since the beginning, DEVTALENTS have been providing us with on-demand IT support for the marketing development of our website. Many of the ideas and improvements came from them, not from us. They have been great at handling pre-planned tasks as well as ad hoc issues quickly and efficiently.

Firuza Rakhimova

Marketing Manager at Nabo

We searched the web for developers and started interviewing companies that seemed to be a good fit. We were looking at a variety of factors, including pricing, understanding of our goals, reliability, trustworthiness, and previous work. DEVTALENTS seemed to be the company that was most aligned with our goals. They saved us money by dissuading us from going into a more complicated process for the architecture. It was a great first impression.

Digital Project Manager at Marketing Agency

We had to quickly compose the team for one of our clients. The goal was to get a working service up and running quickly. We had a clear concept and mock-ups and agreed on the initial budget and deadline.

DEVTALENTS provided staff augmentation, specifically a Ruby on Rails engineer to build the website for one of our long-time clients. He worked efficiently alongside our in-house team.

Jarosław Ziembiński

Project Manager at Ideamotive

Throughout different projects, we've worked with 12 developers so far. DEVTALENTS engineers are as integral to my team as my engineers in the office. I liked the fact that when you give them a task, they'll come back to you with questions for clarification and with examples and suggestions of how to do it better. That is truly professional. They don't just take what you've given them; they take ownership. They bring attention to detail and a high level of knowledge to the task.

Scrum Master & Agile Coach at Custom Development Group

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