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Monthly traffic to the web application has increased by 100,000 users. DEVTALENTS consistently produces quality work across a variety of projects. Their team is incredibly communicative and has excellent project management skills.

Marta Maj

Digital Manager CE at Oriflame


Years of project management experience


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Succesful projects


Avarage years of team member seniority

Delivering tasks on schedule & prioritizing business goals

Available in 48 hours

DEVTALENTS are determined to help our partners expand and grow when opportunities arise, which means that we provide a selection of available software engineers withing two working days from first contact.

Efficient hiring process

We pride ourselves on our smooth, streamlined processes. We take our clients through the steps of choosing the right developers for the job and completing onboarding.

Vetted experts

Every individual in the DEVTALENTS talent pool has been thoroughly vetted. Our team members are true experts in their fields, with extensive commercial experience and a passion for teamwork.

Trusted by enterprises, scale-ups and startups across continents

On average, engaging one of our frontend developers for 1 month requires a budget of $7.5-15k

How is it going to be in your case? Let’s find out together.
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At DEVTALENTS, we understand the business needs of our clients and plan our work to meet them in the most effective way - starting with the estimation.

We know what we do and how much time we need. Our estimations have over 90% accuracy.

Effective project management is the key to business success

A ship won’t get far without a navigator, and an IT project can easily flounder without an experienced project manager ensuring the team is moving forward at the right pace. DEVTALENTS’ management experts bring in a combination of time management, problem solving and teamwork skills to ensure the success of any project.
  • An atmosphere of collaboration and support within a development team can be an incredibly motivating factor for its members. Our project managers make sure to create the right environment for everyone to deliver their best work.
  • A smooth communication flow is crucial during an IT project. Someone responsible for summing up meetings, scheduling, and tracking deliverables can be invaluable.
  • Problem solving can be all about proactivity. DEVTALENTS’ project managers help team members feel comfortable enough to propose new ideas to move the project forward.

Skilled project managers are more than just organizers

Managing an IT project requires a broad mix of skills, from good understanding of the development process, through excellent communication, to the ability to apply the most popular and effective tools, frameworks and methods.
  • Although we love agile and Scrum at DEVTALENTS, our project managers are ready to apply other methodologies as well, including the waterfall approach.
  • Workshopping is a great way to hit the ground running, especially for a newly assembled team. At DEVTALENTS, we use various workshopping methods, such as story mapping and product discovery, to help clients identify their business goals and achieve them.
  • A project manager needs to be highly flexible and able to adjust to the client’s digital environment. That’s why we make sure our team members know the most popular project management and time tracking tools, such as Jira, Trello and Toggl.

Why companies from all around the world rely on DEVTALENTS when building their teams?

We needed to find a talented team with excellent communication skills. One that would guide us through the process and explain all its ins-and-outs. After our conversation with Olga, a project manager from DEVTALENTS, we knew we found a company with skills we were after and we could work well with.

Emma Bulfin

Co-Founder at Fareloom

I was impressed by their project management and ability to address any of my needs. They were flexible and accommodating throughout the entire engagement, and the whole team was friendly. They foster a collaborative environment and genuinely contribute with suggestions that are relevant to our business. DEVTALENTS understand that app development is a creative process and requires an agile, iterative manner of implementation, which they execute beautifully.

Dominik Tomasik

Co-Founder at Race Hunt

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How to ensure perfect fit when hiring IT project managers

One of the key ingredients of a successful IT project is the right team composition - and no team will get very far without proper management. An experienced project manager is able to maintain smooth and effective communication, ensure that business goals remain a major focus, and keep everyone else on track, hitting deadlines and completing tasks.

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