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DEVTALENTS leveraged their deep technical experience to make the process as smooth as possible. They had a customer-oriented attitude and were committed to producing exceptional deliverables, which made them an ideal partner.

Lukasz Sojka

Founder at ATOTA


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DEVTALENTS are determined to help our partners expand and grow when opportunities arise, which means that we provide a selection of available software engineers withing two working days from first contact.

Efficient hiring process

We pride ourselves on our smooth, streamlined processes. We take our clients through the steps of choosing the right developers for the job and completing onboarding.

Vetted experts

Every individual in the DEVTALENTS talent pool has been thoroughly vetted. Our team members are true experts in their fields, with extensive commercial experience and a passion for teamwork.

Trusted by enterprises, scale-ups and startups across continents

On average, engaging one of our frontend developers for 1 month requires a budget of $7.5-15k

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A modern multi platform development framework

With the mobile market growing larger than the desktop market, yet remaining split between the iOS and Android platforms, going multiplatform is often the most effective business strategy. Based on the JavaScript programming language, React Native enables the creation of native-like iOS and Android apps with a shared codebase.
  • Released by Facebook in 2015, React Native continues to be popular among companies of all sizes. Notable adopters include Bloomberg, Uber Eats, LinkedIn, Discord, Skype, and Salesforce.
  • React Native apps are rendered natively on iOS and Android from a single codebase. The results are faster development time, lower costs and higher ROI.
  • The framework operates on three layers: the application thread that accesses the UI, the shadow thread on which the React library calculates the app’s layout, and the JavaScript thread for executing the code.

Delivering a native-like, highly satisfying experience

The very purpose of React Native is to ensure that around 90% of an application’s code will be reusable between platforms. Despite this, users enjoy an experience that is fitted exactly to their platform of choice, looking and feeling like a native app.
  • React Native components are mapped 1:1 with native components. By supplementing the existing iOS and Android UI building blocks with JavaScript, React Native achieves highly attractive and satisfying results.
  • Because many of the components used are also shared between the iOS and Android platforms, the result is a cohesive app with recognizable branding regardless of device.
  • Due to its high focus on effective UIs, React Native interfaces are responsive and fast, regardless of how complex the designs are. It’s a major benefit of the component-based approach.

Achieving high performance on multiple platforms at a low cost

React Native apps are incredibly convenient during their entire lifecycle. They are fast to build, easy to integrate with their environments, a breeze to scale, and often don’t require much maintenance. Despite all this, their performance and the experience they deliver to users remain top notch.
  • A lot of React Native’s power comes from the native iOS and Android components. Thanks to them, React Native apps achieve performance, integration and UX on par with native solutions.
  • Maintainability is a huge benefit of React Native. When a new version of iOS or Android comes out and something important changes, a React Native app will reflect this change. There will be no need to release an updated version to the App Store or Play Store.
  • Companies working with tight budgets will be best served by using React Native. The framework is highly scalable - just look at Airbnb.

Why companies from all around the world rely on DEVTALENTS when building their teams?

DEVTALENTS built an intuitive design and developed an iOS/Android app for our client. Everything went as planned. I don't remember the exact numbers when it comes to downloads or users, but at the end of the day, almost 500 game tickets for the Men's European Volleyball Championship were distributed via the app. DEVTALENTS were undoubtedly integral in helping us create the product. They remained accessible to provide any troubleshooting or updates as needed throughout the course of the marketing campaign as well.

Marta Dzięgielewska

Mobile Marketing Manager at Havas Group

They’re invested in their clients and work; it goes beyond just a paycheck. For example, their business understanding helped us save a lot of money and time. The whole team worked hard to provide a high-quality product. I couldn’t have appreciated this more; if they hadn't, we would've spent far more resources to get the same level of work.

Lukasz Sojka

Founder at ATOTA

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How to ensure perfect fit when hiring React Native developers

React Native’s major advantage is that it can help you build a cross-platform app that looks and feels like a native one. Importantly, the technology by itself is not enough to achieve this. You also need a team of experienced developers who know what the end result should look like, and how to build it step by step.

Top React Native developer skills

To make sure that your team members’ work quality will meet and exceed your expectations, providers like DEVTALENTS vet each developer in their talent pool to ensure the following:

  1. Ability to write clean, readable, easy-to-maintain React Native code,
  2. Experience in cooperating with QA experts to prepare and run tests, find bux, and introduce fixes,
  3. Good understanding of the React Native development life cycle, including the ability to estimate correctly and time management skills,
  4. Excellent practical skills in app design using both tried and true solutions and newest trends,
  5. Creativity in problem solving, as out-of-the-box thinking can be the key to improved efficiency and lower development costs,
  6. Good grasp of the App Store and Play store requirements,
  7. Familiarity with the expectations and habits of both iOS and Android users.

Get access to top React Native development talent in 48 hours

If you’re ready to get started with a new React Native project, or augment an existing team with additional experts, let us know. DEVTALENTS provide clients with a selection of developer profiles to choose from within two business days. We’re also more than happy to advise you on how to proceed based on your needs.

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