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The DEVTALENTS team includes experts from multiple fields and technologies. We support our clients through software development, design and project management efforts. Our technological expertise includes Ruby on Rails, React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, and many other popular options.

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Vetted Experts

We use a well-established recruitment process to ensure our talent is top tier in terms of skills, experience and work ethic.

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You will work directly with your chosen developers, with no middleman to slow communication.
Our talent is ready to adjust to your organization's practices and culture.


The software development market is changing. Flexible forms of cooperation are the future, as they allow companies to lower costs and limit risk.


The typical recruitment process takes 3-4 months. By working with DEVTALENTS, you gain access to top experts in only 24 hours.

Security and compliance

To ensure the safety of our client's projects, we perform background checks on our experts. Our company is pending ISO 2700 and 9001 certification.

IP Security

Intellectual rights to any work produced by our experts as part of a client's project are immediately transferred to the client, as specified in all our contracts.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We take responsibility for mishires and bad culture fit. If you're unhappy with one of our experts, for any reason, we will provide a replacement.

Lower risk

Recruitment is a costly process that might end in a mismatch between the company and the new hire. At DEVTALENTS, we provide people with proven track records and ensure a good fit.

What we can do together

Short-term projects
and quick collaboration

Long-term contracts and team extension

Team scaling for startups
and enterprises

Building cross-functional tech teams from scratch

Establishing development
centers in CEE

Payroll processing

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What our clients are saying

The DEVTALENTS team is nimble, agile, and incredibly responsive. They prioritized quality frontend development, access to native device features, and a polished UX. They added critical features (multi-login, pagination, admin panel improvements, email automation, better notifications) and helped us test the app. What's more, the mobile developers proactively refactored some parts of the app that required fixes and optimization. After that, we've seen a huge improvement when it comes to loading time and user experience.

Mateusz Kowalczyk

CEO & Co-Founder at Foodsi

Thanks to DEVTALENTS' work, the app is lovely to look at, our ideas really came to life, and are now being used by end-users. The communication flow was seamless, enabling convenient opportunities to provide feedback. Clients can expect a transparent working experience from DEVTALENTS.

Emma Bulfin

Co-Founder at Fareloom

Our internal IT department is mainly focused on the growth of our web application. However, our website needs to be constantly developed too, and splitting our developers’ focus between the app and the website was problematic. We didn’t want to hire a full-time developer, so we started considering external support in this area.

Over the first telco, we presented DEVTALENTS with a long list of new features and improvements to the website, which they went through in detail. They left a great impression on us and we started the cooperation right away.

Firuza Rakhimova

Marketing Manager at Nabo

We needed a long-term partner who could do the interactive and visual design to address the ongoing marketing department needs. So far, DEVTALENTS helped us with projects ranging from a simple one-page web application, promotional code generator to interactive banners implementations on the main page of our brand.

Marta Maj

Digital Manager CE at Oriflame

DEVTALENTS try to be as accessible, helpful, and involved as possible. They act as consultants who aren't afraid to disagree with us, suggest a better solution, or challenge our ideas with their experience. They're actively interested in whether everything works as it should, whether we have questions, or whether we want to work on other functionalities. We like this approach very much.

Katarzyna Binkiewicz

Marketing Manager at VELUX


Known as team or staff extension or augmentation, this collaboration model involves supplementing a client’s existing development or project team with additional talent. It’s commonly used when particular expertise becomes necessary on short notice, when the need is temporary, and to avoid the high cost of traditional recruitment and onboarding.

Formally, no. DEVTALENTS remains responsible for matters such as remunerating staff, managing leave or providing regular evaluation. However, a team member provided by DEVTALENTS under the team extension model will be assigned tasks by the client, and will in practice act as any other team member.

As a company gathering talent from various parts of the globe, DEVTALENTS can make sure that time zone differences will not become a problem. Each developer will provide their hours of availability before being hired.

Yes. In fact, the same concept - providing clients with individual developers who join their teams - hides under many terms, including: team augmentation, staff augmentation, team extension, and body leasing.