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Developing a baking app with groundbreaking features for the Stork brand


It’s hard to imagine a brand more deeply rooted in British culture and as closely associated with baking as Stork. The famous margarine producer decided to create an app for their customers: a platform on which people can share photos, videos, recipes and much more.

  • 80 000 downloads,
  • 330 recipes,
  • Vastly increased community engagement,
  • Countless delicious cakes baked.

Building the most comprehensive baking app

The Baking with Stork app was much more than a convenient collection of recipes. It was an incredibly complex baking encyclopedia and a social media platform. Step-by-step baking guides with voice-over, search engine with filters for allergy information, diet type, and seasonal recommendations were only some of its features. The app was an absolute must-have for anyone who uses sugar as a fuel and is not afraid of the oven.

Unilever, Stork’s parent company, found us through a connection with a marketing agency. We were recommended as a perfect development team for a project like this and we were happy about it because we loved the project as much as we love cheesecake. We took over the whole development process from start to end and a lot of implemented ideas were proposed by our team.

Adding touchless control for top user experience

No matter what you’re baking, it’s bound to get at least a little messy and you won’t always be able to touch your phone. What if you’re in a hurry and you need to check the next page of that recipe? You’re not going to do that with your hands dripping with vanilla cream.

Well, who says you need to touch your phone to control it? That’s why we implemented full voice and gesture control within the app. You can get your hands dirty and continue to get all the necessary tips from the app.

Building a platform that truly engages its community

The social aspect of the Stork app was a key factor for its success. We designed the UX to encourage discussion between users and comments on each other’s posts or recipes. Baking with Stork became a beloved safe space for all pastry heads – a place to exchange opinions, share photos, videos, and much more.


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