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Building a custom web app for enterprise window producer Velux

They try to be as accessible, helpful, and involved as possible. They act as consultants who aren't afraid to disagree with us, suggest a better solution, or challenge our ideas with their experience. They're actively interested in whether everything works as it should, whether we have questions, or whether we want to work on other functionalities. We like this approach very much.

Katarzyna Binkiewicz

Marketing Manager at Velux

DevTalents stayed engaged into the last days of the project. Even after delivering the final product, they implemented our minor requests for many weeks. We appreciated working with the same people, even though they already had another project.

Katarzyna Binkiewicz

Marketing Manager at Velux

DevTalents communicate clearly and present thoughtful, actionable suggestions. Their dedicated, engaged approach is the key to their repeated success.

Katarzyna Binkiewicz

Marketing Manager at Velux


Velux is one of the biggest producers and exporters of roof windows in Europe. The Danish company has been operating since 1941 and currently has over 11,000 people aboard and sales departments in 40 countries.

  • We delivered a solution that allows distributors to actively promote products and increase sales results at the same time,
  • The platform has helped more than 10,000 customers to quickly find the nearest distributor who has the desired product in stock.

Matching the client’s expectations for a custom software solution

Velux contacted us after our initial proposition regarding programming support and consultancy. The timing was great, since apparently the previous IT provider did not meet the high expectations of the firm.

We met to trade initial ideas and eventually, came up with the common vision for a new solution to their problem. After realizing how complex the Velux sales process actually is, we followed-up with complimentary sessions which led to preliminary mockups and a cost estimate.

Our dedicated team analyzed the firm’s previous tool and came up with further recommendations and improvements.

Creating a web app to support sales processes

What Velux needed was a web application that would connect customers with the nearest distributors, allowing them to browse accurate inventory and to get each store’s contact details.

Since Velux relies mostly on its established brand, an app for supporting purchases was key to the company’s sales strategy. We understood the importance of the project and took full responsibility for it: from technological consultancy and design to development, and post-deployment support.

Meeting the standards of a large-scale enterprise

Having startup origins and mentality, we knew we had to adjust our work to the rules and demands of a corporate client – especially in terms of the project’s coordination and management – without losing our proactive approach and readiness to challenge the status quo.

How do you increase your sales without sales reps?

Velux does not have a physical sales force. Their business model relies on an extensive distribution network. This is a massive challenge, since it limits the company’s ability to control direct sales results. They are very open to any opportunity to capitalize on an already established brand and facilitate purchases.

Since the previous tool did not meet the client’s expectations, they decided to develop a completely new web application to improve the distributor-client communication. The main idea behind the newly adapted approach was to allow customers to quickly find the nearest distributor who has the desired product in stock. For both sides’ additional comfort, every facility was given the opportunity to fill in their business card with all the necessary contact details as well as the opening hours.

The app must work exactly as it meant to

With our strong focus on user-experience and design, the results were only a matter of time. The application has helped more than 10 000 customers. The stores noticed a significant boost in their numbers as well.

Thanks to the app, thousands of visitors every month can now enjoy a refreshed and user-friendly experience, tailored to their needs. Velux distributors, on the other hand, have been equipped with a tool allowing for improved self-promotion and hence, a boost in revenue.

The perfect tool for a marketing department with sales distribution network

The new application allowed Velux to manage the distribution network more efficiently and helped the internal staff to accurately chart sales. Thanks to its scoring algorithm, it is now possible to recognize the most active distributors and influence the underperformers.

At the same time, the application gives value added to distributors by creating an environment where partners compete with one another to rank higher. Thanks to the filtering feature, they can also attract customers interested in specific products.

This results in high-quality profile customers visiting offline stores. It’s so beneficial that distributors can actively promote products and increase sales results at the same time.


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