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Ensuring rapid business growth through body leasing for a fashion e-commerce

Aiding the client’s recruitment efforts to ensure business growth

When we first contacted Claudio, Mooris’ founder and CTO, the company was in the process of recruiting a Ruby on Rails developer. Originally they were hiring in-house but weren’t able to find a good match for some time, which slowed down the store’s growth.

That’s where we stepped in.

Being experts on RoR and having experience with e-commerce body leasing projects, we offered Claudio a full-time remote developer to join their team and help them maintain and grow the e-commerce platform.

Becoming part of the client’s team as technology partners

We started with auditing the code, sharing our ideas on how to improve it, and getting familiar with the client’s 3-people technological team.

Throughout the cooperation, we continued to adapt to the changing needs of Mooris, providing them with even more manpower to maintain the store.

As they’re a German-speaking company, one of the developers we brought to the team could speak their language on a native-level. It increased the workflow and helped in the day-to-day operations.


Mooris is a Swiss online platform for stylish furniture and lifestyle, visited by tens of thousands of users every month. Their friendly and competent team of 20 discovers selected design products and advises clients personally on all furnishing questions.

  • We provided Mooris with the best talent we have, including a german-speaking developer,
  • Our cooperation got extended to 2 full-time developers, with a total of 6 people working on their website’s success,
  • We worked not just on the platform’s maintenance and growth, but also on a dedicated software product.

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