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Completing a total website rework for a rapidly growing software company

After the website's creation, our marketing team was able to manage our content without seeking the help of developers, who could now focus on their more important tasks. Throughout the project, DevTalents were communicative and showcased their expertise in web development.

Marketing Communications Specialist at Straal

Our website was built in a problematic CMS that was a nightmare to edit and absorbed too much time from our devs. We needed a completely new version that could be handed over to our marketing department. The new website had to be easy to manage, multilingual, safe, and SEO-friendly, and provide better product exposure that would result in collecting more leads and increasing sales volume.

Marketing Communications Specialist at Straal

Throughout the process, DevTalents team came up with a lot of UX/UI improvements for example in terms of the website’s multilingual aspect and conversion rate.

Marketing Communications Specialist at Straal

Overall communication was really impressive. DevTalents always responded to our questions and they patiently explained all the dev-tech details to our Marketing Team.

Marketing Communications Specialist at Straal

Their approach to UX-friendly solutions, creativity, and the mindset they brought into such a challenging project - given our B2B goals, niche industry, etc. - is impressive.

Marketing Communications Specialist at Straal


Straal is a company that specializes in payments. Their job is to make sure their solutions are safe, quick, effective and easy to use, so they wanted their website to work the same way.

  • Easy to use CMS handed over to the marketing department,
  • More time for the client’s developers to work on their actual projects,
  • Improved UX on the whole website.

Replacing an outdated CMS with WordPress

Straal had an outdated, difficult to use CMS, which needed constant attention from their development team. It was time to have the marketing department take over responsibility for website content, but to do so, major changes were needed – namely, a switch to WordPress. Straal contacted several developers with their big new mission but we won the competition with a really convincing argument. We went through exactly the same process with our own website just a few months before, so we knew all the ins and outs.

We let the Straal team take a look into our own CMS, we showed them how easy it is to manage and further develop if needed. They liked the way it was executed, so the process was really straightforward.

Building the perfect website matching the client’s business needs

Our huge advantage was that we not only knew how to develop their concept. We also knew perfectly well what to put on top of it – how to create a website they didn’t yet know they needed.

We exceeded the client’s initial expectations by including features they didn’t have in the initial plan. We laid the foundation for future SEO customization, which was missing in the previous version. We improved the site’s speed – another key factor for SEO. We implemented an easy landing page creator and much more.

Building a website that is easy to manage and maintain

We had an absolute WordPress grandmaster on our side, who executed the project in an incredibly impressive and efficient fashion. Once we showed the final project to Straal, there were almost no corrections. We were on the same page from the beginning and the whole process was fast and smooth.

The new, easy to manage website allowed Straal’s developers to focus on things that really matter and leave the simple stuff to the marketing team. Because really, managing website content should be easy and intuitive.


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