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Flexibility as a path to success – working on a constantly developing idea

Providing top tier Ruby on Rails expertise

Perhaps unsurprisingly for the real estate industry, the client needed a contractor to build their idea from the ground up, brick by brick. JLL were looking for highly skilled developers, with top Ruby on Rails expertise. We had worked together before on several smaller projects, so the client’s team were completely confident that we would be up for the task.

Implementing numerous features for one of the most comprehensive websites of its type

The website was designed to be one of the most comprehensive real estate guides on the market. The amount of information available raised it above the competition.

Users could find out, for example:

  • Whether there was a decent pizza place next to their future dream home,
  • Whether they would live within walking distance of a tennis court.

There was also the price growth forecast of the property for the next 5-20 years.

The big idea for the web platform was complex, but it was not final by any stretch. This made the development process challenging – and exciting.

Remaining ready to make any changes as the need emerged

The initial idea submitted by the client was pretty basic. As the project progressed, JLL came up with a lot of adjustments, including for the key parts of the platform.

It wasn’t the first time someone approached us with an unpolished and still evolving project. Thanks to our experience with similar projects, we were ready for any changes in the middle of the development process. This flexible attitude was invaluable for the project’s success.


International real estate giant JLL had a new, interesting idea for business development on their main market. They wanted to create a web platform showing investment areas in Greater London with pricing and details about infrastructure and recreational options nearby.

  • 111 700 new investments,
  • 18 detailed areas,
  • Price forecast for 5-20 years ahead.

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