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Long term technology support for a real estate company

Since the beginning, DevTalents have been providing us with on-demand IT support for the marketing development of our website. Many of the ideas and improvements came from them, not from us. They have been great at handling pre-planned tasks as well as ad hoc issues quickly and efficiently.

Firuza Rakhimova

Marketing Manager at Nabo

Thanks to the efforts of the DevTalents team, the company's website now has a better user experience, higher conversions for landing pages, and overall better SEO. The company appreciates the team's quick and effective communication as it led to many improvements from their end.

Firuza Rakhimova

Marketing Manager at Nabo

Our internal IT department is mainly focused on the growth of our web application. However, our website needs to be constantly developed too, and splitting our developers’ focus between the app and the website was problematic. We didn’t want to hire a full-time developer, so we started considering external support in this area.

Over the first telco, we presented DevTalents with a long list of new features and improvements to the website, which they went through in detail. They left a great impression on us and we started the cooperation right away.

Firuza Rakhimova

Marketing Manager at Nabo

We were able to optimise our website for a better user experience, higher conversions for product landing pages as well as having an overall SEO optimised website. DevTalents were able to provide us with all the development competency that we might have lacked in-house.

Firuza Rakhimova

Marketing Manager at Nabo

Communication is efficient and quick. We never had any complaints and were always happy with the way they handle tasks. Their developers’ accessibility is great and whenever we need their help, we get it quickly.

Additionally, our website is in Swedish and even though they don’t speak our language, we never noticed any troubles getting the development done. They deliver all tasks successfully despite potential language barriers.

Firuza Rakhimova

Marketing Manager at Nabo

Finding gaps in the development plan ahead of time to ensure project success

Originally, we reached out to Nabo offering support for their Ruby-based web application. At the time they didn’t have such needs, but it turned out that their marketing team could make use of both our technological and marketing knowledge.

The company’s CMO asked us if we could help with minor marketing tasks. We did have the needed skill set and we suggested a couple of extra improvements, which she accepted.

Supporting the marketing team, so internal developers don’t have to

We started supporting Nabo in the field of SEO, and their marketing in general, including Google Analytics and Paid Ads (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft). We took full responsibility for their custom Ruby on Rails CMS, too.

Whenever a marketing-related change on the website needs to be implemented, Nabo can rely on our help. Despite the language barrier – Swedish for the Nabo team – we had no trouble whatsoever staying on the same page.


Nabo is a 115-people strong Swedish real-estate company with a digital product in place. They’re a group of law, IT, and financial specialists, offering property management services to tenant-owner associations.

What started as rather coincidental marketing support between our companies has turned into a long-term cooperation.

  • Thanks to analytic improvements, Nabo can easily track and measure the ROI of their lead generation efforts,
  • We became a solid part of our clients’ team, so their developers can fully focus on the platform and its strategy, instead of fixing minor website issues on a daily basis,
  • We improved our own marketing competencies and extended the team with a SEO consultant and a few extra analysts.

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