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International law firm worked with DEVTALENTS to create an iOS and Android industry news platform

Tailor-made app for a law firm done from the ground up

Right from the start, the client knew exactly what the app was supposed to be. They just wanted their idea to be brought to life, tailor to their exact needs.

To make it happen, they needed a top-notch, hi-fi design and development experts that excelled in Flutter – a fantastic cross-platform technology – which is how they found us on Clutch.

Smooth and transparent process following the Scrum methodology

Budget, deadline and project guidelines were all set, so we proposed a clear week-to-week Scrum process. Every two weeks, we presented our progress to Squire’s team, gathered feedback and answered their every question.

That way, the client was sure that everything was going according to plan, and most importantly – that the app was true to the initial big idea.

Smooth communication across multiple channels kept us on the same page

Throughout the whole 4-month process, the Squire Patton Boggs staff was completely involved in each part of the project. We shared our Trello progress boards and invited them to our team chat in case there was a need for a quick check-in. We held a Zoom workshop with their team regarding the app’s design, which helped us create the final version in just a few iterations.

Thanks to proper planning, good communication and perfect understanding of the client’s needs, we managed to deliver the final product before the deadline with no extra costs.

Squire Patton Boggs

Squire Patton Boggs is a large international law firm that wanted to create an iOS and Android platform dedicated to gathering a wide range of industry-related news.

  • One of a kind platform with law-related news,
  • Rapidly growing user base.

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