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Preparing an ambitious mobile fintech platform for launch on the App Store and Play Store

Introducing an innovative solution for iOS and Android

Finteq ushers in a revolutionary approach to financial liquidity in companies of all sizes. It’s an easy to use tool that can be quickly introduced and explained to partners and contractors. Its value is simple: Finteq allows companies to pay out money already earned, when they want it.

To offer the best possible experience to a largest possible audience, a cross platform developed in Flutter was the best way to go. Smart Faktor came to us with an initial version of the app already, mostly done, but lots of technical issues needed to be fixed or improved.

Creating a satisfying experience and high ease of use

Companies send applicable cost invoices to Finteq. As soon as the app receives them, contractors can withdraw money equal to what’s specified on the invoice. The small fee they have to pay – visible to the user as they decide what sum to withdraw – will be detracted from this amount. The app also provides information on when the money will appear on the user’s account, which is often on the same day.

To make sure that any user would have a good time engaging with Finteq, we spent some time on perfecting the UI, which included introducing a dark mode and testing the app on multiple Android devices.

Using best practices to ensure stability

A great benefit of this app is that there are no unnecessary formalities. Everything is handled through digital documents for the contractors. Finteq carries 100% of the risk for each transaction, in case their client becomes insolvent. This means there was no room for error in handling invoices, and that the UI had to be very easy to understand.

Once we understood that the latest development build did not use best practices or Flutter community standards, we knew we would have to approach our work carefully and analyze each arising issue with our full attention. We worked hard to help Smart Faktor release the app quickly despite its imperfect start.

Offering easy access to money without incurring debt

Instead of following harmful trends, such as “buy now, pay later”, Finteq helps its users develop good habits and does not lead to incurring debt. They can withdraw the money already earned right away instead of waiting until the invoice due date. It’s an app that not only solves financial problems, but also helps its users become more responsible with their money. We’re proud to be a part of this project.

We continue to support the client after a successful launch on both the iOS and Android platforms. United Ideas also joined the Finteq pilot program, giving our team members full access to the platform’s offer.

Smart Faktor

Smart Faktor is a fintech company that introduces some of the most innovative solutions on the market. Their new FINTEQ platform enables them to develop supply chain excellence with the simplest of financing tools. It helps businesses manage financial liquidity and take care of business partners all around the world.

  • Getting an existing but imperfect Flutter app ready to launch.
  • Enacting a mobile-first strategy and applying best software development practices.
  • Adding new features, UI improvements and dark mode.
  • A major breakthrough in the factoring industry.

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