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There are a lot of myths floating around about staff augmentation services and the outsourcing model. Some people believe that it is always more expensive to outsource IT work than to do it in-house. Others think that IT staff augmentation only makes sense for very large businesses. In this blog post, we will debunk ten of the biggest myths about staff augmentation and outsourcing, providing businesses with a better understanding of what these services can offer.

What is the staff augmentation model?

Staff augmentation, also known as team extension, is a service that allows companies to staff up quickly and cost-effectively by leveraging IT experts from an outside provider. This means hiring staff on a contract basis from the supplier's own staff pool. It is often used when internal staff become overwhelmed with work, or when specialized skills are needed, especially on short notice. Team extension can be particularly useful for organizations that are growing fast in a changeable environment, as it allows them to flexibly scale their teams up and down, based on current needs.

Why IT outsourcing is becoming more popular

IT outsourcing has long been an important sector of the IT industry and is becoming increasingly popular due to its cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing IT staff can be much more affordable than hiring employees internally (especially since it means skipping all the costs of a lengthy recruitment process) and it also allows companies to access a larger pool of talent with specialized skills. Additionally, IT staff can often work remotely, which saves on office space costs and makes it easier for staff to stay connected regardless of location.

Where did the myths come from?

The most common myth about IT staff augmentation is that it is always more expensive than doing the work internally. This myth likely comes from a lack of knowledge about staff augmentation and IT outsourcing, as well as a misunderstanding about how these services actually work. Additionally, some people may mistakenly believe that IT staff augmentation is only suitable for large companies, when in reality it can be beneficial to small and medium businesses as well.

The truth behind the myths

The truth is that staff augmentation services and IT outsourcing can be a cost-effective way of staffing up quickly. It allows businesses to access the expertise they need without having to commit to long-term staff contracts or big budgets. Additionally, augmented staff can be hired on an hour-by-hour basis if needed which is much more flexible than other staffing solutions.

Myth 1: IT staff augmentation and IT outsourcing are always more expensive than in-house

Staff augmentation and outsourcing mean no initial investment that would be required for a traditional recruitment process. The cost savings over time can be significant, particularly since most of the administrative tasks are handled by the staff provider, and usually, office space or equipment are not necessary.

Additionally, an augmented IT workforce can be quickly and easily scaled up or down as needed depending on the demands of the project. This makes IT staff augmentation a fantastic solution for short-term projects, and a solid choice for longer engagements, depending on the specifics of the situation.

Myth 2: Staff augmentation and outsourcing is only for large companies

Small and medium businesses can benefit from IT staff augmentation services just as much as larger companies, if not more so. By leveraging staff from outside providers, smaller businesses can staff up quickly and cost-effectively. This allows them to access the expertise they need without having to hire staff internally or commit to long-term staff contracts.

Additionally, smaller companies without an effective HR team and a good hiring process, face many challenges when looking for IT experts. With staff augmentation, they can easily fill their teams with vetted professionals.

Myth 3: IT staff augmentation makes communication within the team ineffective

IT staff from outside providers can be integrated into existing teams without any disruption to communication. In fact, staff augmentation often makes team communication more effective, as staff from different backgrounds and locations bring fresh perspectives and insights to the table.

Additionally, providers like DEVTALENTS use well-established tools and strategies to make communication smooth and effective. We are always willing to share our know-how on this subject with clients.

Myth 4: Outsourcing lowers the quality of delivered solutions

The IT staff augmentation model can provide access to more experienced software developers than who companies may be able to hire internally. Outsourced staff often come with specialized skills and knowledge that in-house staff may not have, which can result in more effective solutions delivered more quickly. And if these particular skills are needed only for a limited time, team extension provides them without any extra costs.

Myth 5: It takes too much time to onboard external employees

Outsourcing staff can actually be faster than hiring staff internally, as the onboarding process is streamlined and staff are usually ready to start working on a project within a few days. At DEVTALENTS, we prepare our team members with the knowledge, tools and strategies we have built over more than a decade of providing software services, and we offer them internal support in case of any issues. This allows them to hit the ground running in a new environment.

Myth 6: Staff augmentation carries too many risks

Though working with team members from different countries, employed by a different company, can seem more difficult to manage safely and reliably, this is not necessarily true. While IT staff augmentation does carry some risk, the risks can be minimized with proper planning and research. Working with an experienced staff augmentation provider can help to ensure that the client gets the right staff for their project and minimizes any potential risks.

Myth 7: It is difficult to ensure data security when outsourcing

Working with an experienced IT staff augmentation provider can help to ensure that company data is secure throughout the outsourcing process. Providers should have strong security policies and procedures in place to guarantee that any staff or data shared during a project are safely and securely managed. Additionally, staff augmentation providers often use the latest security protocols, such as encryption and authentication, to ensure that data is kept private.

Myth 8: IT staff augmentation is only suitable for large organizations

Staff augmentation can be beneficial for organizations of any size, as it can provide access to skilled staff and resources that may not be available internally. Smaller organizations may find IT staff augmentation especially useful as they often do not have the budget or resources to hire expert-level staff internally. 

Myth 9: It is difficult to control a project if outsourced staff is involved

By using staff augmentation, businesses can have more control over their projects as staff are managed by the staff augmentation provider and held accountable to high performance standards. This helps to ensure that a project is finished on time and within budget. Additionally, team members can be added or removed fluidly throughout the project, allowing the team to adjust to changing needs.

Myth 10: Time zone and cultural differences become a huge problem

Time zone and cultural differences can indeed be a challenge, but they do not have to be. With staff augmentation, businesses can work with people from all over the world without ever encountering geographical or cultural issues. Experienced IT staff augmentation providers ensure that all team members are properly vetted and trained on how to effectively collaborate across cultures. 

Leveraging staff augmentation services for business success

Staff augmentation and outsourcing can be a great way for companies of any size to staff up quickly and cost-effectively. By leveraging staff from an outside provider, businesses can access the expertise they need without having to commit to long-term staff contracts or big budgets. If you would like to talk about how IT team extension can help your organization, we would be happy to help.

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Fascinated by the spirit of innovation that permeates the IT industry, Olga has never abandoned her roots as an IT content marketing specialist. She draws on years of experience in the technology sector to shed light on interesting trends, solutions and practices.

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