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In order to get the most out of staff augmentation, it is important to set up a successful cooperation with the provider. This blog post contains a guide on how to do just that. We explain why so many companies are choosing staff augmentation over hiring in-house developers, and share a checklist of tasks to complete before diving into staff extension. We also provide a checklist of criteria to consider when choosing the right provider, and offer tips on how to start the cooperation successfully.

What is staff augmentation?

Team augmentation is a popular option for companies looking to staff their software development teams. It allows them to bring on staff quickly and cost-effectively, without having to make a full commitment in terms of salary, perks or benefits. Staff augmentation also provides flexibility – allowing organizations to scale down staff numbers when needed, or to shift resources to other projects.

Why choose team augmentation?

Staff augmentation is often the preferred choice for companies that do not want to spend the resources to hire staff in-house, or ones that need staff with specific skills or expertise quickly. The model offers a cost-effective way of sourcing staff, as well as a degree of flexibility – staff can be added or removed as needed, with minimal disruption to the team.

Checklist for choosing the right staff augmentation provider

  • Reputation: Look at the provider’s reputation in the market and ask for customer references.
  • Quality of staff: Ask for details about staff qualifications and experience, as well as any available data on staff retention rates.
  • Rates & fees: Get a clear understanding of rates and any additional fees that may be involved.
  • Talent pool: Ask about the provider's local and global presence to determine what kind of talent will be available on demand, what kind will require some waiting time, and what may not be possible.
  • Legal advice: Good IT team extension partners have the capacity to prepare contracts quickly and advise clients on local regulations.
  • Security: Determine whether the level of security provided by the company (both in terms of IP and data protection) is satisfactory.
  • Culture: Culture fit can be incredibly important for good collaboration within IT teams. Make sure that your future partner's culture and values do not contradict yours.

Checklist for getting started with team extension

  • Define your needs: What type of staff do you need? Are there any specific skills or expertise required? 
  • Rare or industry-specific skill sets: Determine whether the people you want to join your team need to bring in specific skills and experience.
  • Establish timelines:  How quickly do you need staff? How long will each team member' expertise be required? Should their involvement be continuous, or should they participate in the project only at specific times?
  • Set a budget: Establish how much you are willing to spend on staff augmentation and create a timeline for hiring staff.
  • Establish team dynamics: Who will be responsible for managing the staff? How will staff be integrated into existing teams? 
  • Prepare an onboarding procedure: While providers like DEVTALENTS have their own processes that speed up onboarding, it is always a good idea to have all the necessary materials, authorizations and information contained in a smooth process that will allow new team members to hit the ground running.
  • Establish communication channels: Make sure that staff have designated points of contact, and that all staff members are aware of who they can reach out to for help or support.

Checklist for starting the cooperation

  • Define team structure: Establish roles, responsibilities, and expectations for staff members.
  • Set guidelines: Outline rules for communication with staff and determine how staff performance will be measured. 
  • Efficiency & productivity: Make sure staff have access to the necessary tools and resources needed to complete their tasks.
  • Support staff: Provide staff with feedback and guidance if needed, so they can make the most of their time. 
  • Project management: Ensure project managers are available to support staff and handle any questions or issues that may arise.
  • Set clear goals: Define your initial definition of done, communicate productivity goals and establish success criteria. These could include time tracking, features delivered, or other metrics that will allow you to keep track of the team's progress and help your extended staff understand your priorities.
  • Communicate directly with team members: Remember that while you sign a contract with the vendor, it is the people who will be working on your project. Make sure that staff have direct contact with you, as it will help them to be more engaged and motivated.

Try staff augmentation services today

Staff augmentation is an effective way for companies to quickly staff software development teams without having to hire in house. To make the most out of staff augmentation, use this guide to get started. Remember to define your needs, research providers, and establish team dynamics before choosing the right provider. Once you have selected a staff augmentation partner, create guidelines and provide staff with the necessary resources to ensure smooth cooperation and successful outcomes.

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