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A dispersed workforce goes hand in hand with a flatter hierarchy within an organization. This can lead to increased creativity and innovation as employees are given more responsibility and autonomy to experiment and take risks. It can also help to build a more cohesive team spirit and investment in the success of the organization.

There are a few things to bear in mind when managing a dispersed team, such as ensuring everyone has access to the same information and resources, and keeping communication clear and concise. It is also important to create opportunities for social interaction, create a sense of ownership, and build a culture of proactivity and engagement.

Building a dispersed company culture

Culture in a dispersed team is both difficult to maintain and crucial for business success. It takes a concerted effort to keep everyone feeling like they are part of the same organization, with the same values and goals. One way to do this is by ensuring that everyone has access to the same information and resources. This means having a centralized knowledge base where employees can find everything they need to know.

Another important element of company culture is a unified set of processes. This helps to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal, and that there is a sense of order and efficiency. It also helps to build trust between team members, as they know that everyone is following the same rules and procedures. These processes should be documented as a core element of the company knowledge base.

Finally, social interaction is essential for maintaining company culture. This can be achieved in a number of ways, such as regular video conferences, company-wide events, or informal social gatherings. It is important to create opportunities for team members to interact with each other on a personal level, as this helps to build trust and rapport.

Leadership in a flattened hierarchy

In a flattened hierarchy, leaders need to be more hands-on and visible. They need to be accessible to team members and provide clear guidance and direction. Leaders also need to trust their team to take on more responsibility and empower them to make decisions.

This type of leadership requires a different approach from the traditional top-down style. Leaders need to be more collaborative, and they need to listen to feedback. They also need to create opportunities for team members to share their ideas. The benefits of a flattened hierarchy are that it leads to increased creativity and innovation, as employees are given more responsibility and autonomy to experiment and take risks.

How to manage a dispersed team

Define the roles and responsibilities of each team member

Communication is key to the success of any team. Each team member should know their role and be clear on what is expected of them. Furthermore, team members should be proactive in communicating with each other to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Good communication will help to avoid misunderstandings and ultimately make the team more efficient and effective.

Assign a project manager to keep everyone on track

When embarking on a new project, it is important to appoint a project manager in order to ensure that the project stays on track. The project manager should be someone with excellent organizational skills and the ability to keep everyone focused on their tasks. This person will be responsible for setting deadlines, coordinating meetings, and keeping progress reports. By having a designated project manager, you can avoid the project getting off course and ensure that it is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Set up regular check-ins to ensure everyone is staying on task

Setting up regular check-ins is a great way to ensure that everyone on your team is staying on task. Check-ins can be used to identify any issues or concerns that team members may have, as well as to give them a chance to ask questions and provide feedback. Additionally, check-ins can help to build relationships and trust within the team, as they provide an opportunity for open communication.

However, it is important to ensure that check-ins are conducted in a respectful and professional manner. Team members should feel free to speak openly and honestly, without fear of judgment or reprisal. When done correctly, check-ins can be an invaluable tool for ensuring that your team stays on track and remains productive.

Use online tools like Slack or Zoom for communication

Slack and Zoom are two popular online tools that can be used for communication. Both tools have their own unique set of features that can be beneficial for different purposes. Slack is a messaging platform that can be used for real-time communication, file sharing, and collaboration. It also has a searchable history feature that can be helpful for keeping track of conversations.

Zoom, on the other hand, is a video conferencing tool that can be used for face-to-face meetings, webinars, and group chat. It also has screen sharing and recording features that can be useful for presentations or team projects. Whether you need to communicate with colleagues in real-time or record a meeting for later reference, Slack and Zoom are both excellent online tools to consider.

Hold team meetings via video conference

In today's business world, more and more companies are opting to hold team meetings via video conference. There are a number of advantages to this approach, including the ability to connect with team members who are located in different parts of the country or even the world. Additionally, video conferencing can save time and money by eliminating the need for travel.

Celebrate successes together, and offer support during difficult times

It is important to celebrate successes together as a team, and offer support during difficult times. Recognizing achievements helps to build morale and foster a sense of camaraderie, while offering support during tough times helps to build trust and strengthen relationships. In order to be truly successful, it is essential to have a strong team that can rely on each other through thick and thin. By celebrating successes and offering support, we can build a sense of ownership, engagement and excitement for facing future challenges.

Building and managing remote dream teams

A well-oiled team can be a powerful asset for any business. This is even more true for a dispersed company, where team members may not build relationships organically simply by occupying the same space. That is why it is so important to take the right approach as a leader or manager.

By defining the roles and responsibilities of each team member, assigning a project manager, and setting up regular check-ins, you can ensure that everyone is staying on task and producing great work. Of course, communication is key to a successful team. Online tools like Slack or Zoom make it easy to keep in touch with your colleagues, whether you are across the room or across the globe. And when things get tough, support your team by celebrating successes and offering encouragement.

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