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Many senior software developers are currently thinking about changing jobs in 2023. This is a very common decision, as top software engineers are often looking for better work environments, more balanced work lives, and more satisfying projects. In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to find a good employer as a highly experienced software engineer.

We will start by offering tips on how to evaluate a company's culture and values based on their website and social media presence. Next, we will describe different types of software companies and list the pros and cons of working at each. Then we will move on to handling the hiring process, asking the right questions and establishing good cooperation. Finally, we will provide tips on how to succeed during the recruitment process and get hired.

Why senior software developers are changing jobs in 2023

The senior software development industry is constantly evolving. Software engineers need to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends, as well as adjust their work life balance. Many senior software engineers feel that the work environment in their current company no longer suits them or that their position is not challenging enough anymore. The majority of software development professionals are between 25 and 34 years old, during a time in their lives when work-life balance, stability and security are becoming more important. As a result, senior software developers may also be looking for better compensation packages and more career growth opportunities.

The job market for senior software engineers

With almost 27 million people worldwide working as software engineers, the senior software developer market has become somewhat competitive, so it is important to research potential employers before making a move. After the Covid pandemic, an 8% drop in software developer job postings made job hunting more difficult.

Additionally, as the industry matures, more and more developers become highly experienced and skilled. In the US, the average software developer has 15.8 years of experience. This means that increasingly, companies can pick and choose those senior engineers that fit their company culture best.

What a company's online presence reveals about its culture

The first step in finding a suitable employer as a senior software developer is to research their culture and values. Companies will often prominently display this information on their website or social media profiles, which makes researching them easier than ever. By carefully studying a business' online presence, senior software engineers can get an idea of what kind of work environment these companies offer and whether they would be a good fit.

A major concern for many senior software developers is work-life balance. At DEVTALENTS, we believe in ensuring a high degree of comfort to our team members through flexible hours and a remote-first work environment. We prioritize work-life balance, which is why we also provide benefits tailored to each team member's individual needs, like mental health days and individual development plans. 

It is also important to look into the type of projects an organization tends to work on, their client base, and how senior software engineers are rewarded for exceptional work. Additionally, organizations that boast a high-seniority team generally offer a better environment for learning and career development. All these factors will help job-seeking engineers make an informed decision as to whether or not a company is worth applying to. 

Different types of software companies

There are three main types of companies hiring senior software developers. The first is a software product or service company with an internal development team. These companies tend to offer senior software engineers stable, long-term projects and the opportunity to become an integral part of the team. Their downside is a lack of variety in everyday tasks, and limited career development opportunities.

The second type is a software house. Unlike product companies, software houses specialize in developing custom applications for clients. This type of employment offers senior engineers the opportunity to learn new technologies quickly, as well as work within different project teams. However, these companies may offer senior software developers limited career advancement opportunities.

The third type is a company that specializes in staff augmentation, from which other companies hire senior software developers on a temporary basis to handle specific tasks without having them join their team permanently. Because staff augmentation providers pride themselves on the ability to connect the right experts with the right clients, they often offer a variety of projects and exciting challenges for developers. Companies like DEVTALENTS focus on top quality services delivered by high-seniority teams, which allows them to offer competitive salaries and create opportunities for professional growth.

Regardless of the type of company, senior software engineers should always weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. 

How to handle the hiring process

Once several potential employers have been identified, it is important to handle the recruitment process properly in order to secure a job offer. During interviews, software engineers should make sure to ask the right questions and establish good communication with potential employers. They should also be prepared to discuss their skills and experience, as well as the challenges of software engineering.

Increasingly, hiring specialists are focusing on soft skills and culture fit during job interviews. Technical skills and commercial experience remain important, but any gaps related to them presented by otherwise qualified applicants are considered easier to fix that cultural mismatch. This is why handling the interviews themselves correctly and researching a potential employer's culture and values is so important.

Tips for a successful job interview:

  • Prepare for the interview by researching the company and its products.
  • Ask questions about their development processes, job requirements and culture.
  • Understand the employer's expectations of senior software engineers.
  • Demonstrate your expertise in senior software engineering roles, which should include the ability to problem solve and a tendency to be proactive in the face of challenges.
  • Show a genuine interest to work as part of a team.

Finding the right job as a senior software engineer

Overall, senior software engineers should make sure to do their research and ask the right questions in order to find a suitable employer and succeed during the recruitment process. They should focus on what matters to them most - be it work-life balance, a culture of inclusivity and acceptance, or professional growth - and job search with this in mind. Finally, soft skills are becoming increasingly important in senior software engineering roles, which means that demonstrating them during a job interview can be very beneficial.

Olga Trąd

Marketing Manager

Fascinated by the spirit of innovation that permeates the IT industry, Olga has never abandoned her roots as an IT content marketing specialist. She draws on years of experience in the technology sector to shed light on interesting trends, solutions and practices.

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